Expert nutrition advice for IBS, SIBO and reflux

Anna Mapson, Registered Nutritional Therapist mBANT CNHC – Goodness Me Nutrition

Are you struggling with a very sensitive digestion?

Maybe you spend hours researching new IBS diets or eliminating more foods but you STILL can’t work out what triggers the regular episodes of dashing to the loo.

I can help you find a way to eat that reduces digestive symptoms and helps you feel better. 

Can you remember what it feels like to eat without worrying about your gut?

How many of these symptoms do you have?

  • constipation
  • diarrhoea
  • embarrassing excess gas
  • rushing to the toilet (urgency)
  • constant bloating after everything you eat
  • stomach pains
  • reactions to foods (e.g. skin changes, headaches)

If you lurch from one elimination diet to the next, always second guessing your symptoms, and you want support to identify what can work for you – I can help you

How I can help with your IBS diet:

1:1 Gut Reset

Get sustainable relief from unpredictable, frustrating gut symptoms without restrictive dieting

IBS Meal Plans

IBS downloads including recipes – 7 day low FODMAP, 5 days low Histamine

7 day gut health course

Eat a more diverse diet in just a week, to feed beneficial gut microbes. Includes delicious recipes

Work with me 1:1 – Gut Reset –  work with me over 3 months to pinpoint your quickest dietary changes to get improvements in your digestion.

Includes personalised recipes and meal ideas, as well as testing recommendations where appropriate.

Hello, I’m Anna Mapson, registered Nutritional Therapist at Goodness Me Nutrition. 

I can help you find a way to manage your IBS so you can stop panicking about the nearest toilet and embarrassing gas.

Find the joy in eating food again, without worrying about your digestion.

“Anna is fountain of knowledge and really takes into consideration all aspects of your life that could be affecting you- a new experience for me!

It helped to have achievable goals and to maintain expectations. A lot came up and it was always a non-judgmental space. I really valued our weekly chats as they helped motivate and guide me. My goals were achieved, now I will be taking this into my own hands to make it a sustainable lifestyle.”

Gut Reset client, 2021




woman wearing a blue sleeveless sweater holding her stomach

Super simple non-food IBS Tips

Top 5 non-food IBS management tips you can download and implement straight away. Simple but effective changes for better digestion.

“A wonderful person, a wealth of knowledge and very professional in her approach. I came to Anna fed up, bloated, with an unhappy gut, and restricted diet. Across the last 4 months we’ve worked together on a low fodmap diet, and introduced good bacteria back into my gut. I am no longer having a bloated stomach, I’m not constantly having bad loo experiences and my mental health has improved. I’d highly recommend Anna because of her approach, knowledge and empathy towards people who suffer with gut issues. Don’t go anywhere else if you need support or advice!

Gut Reset client