Expert nutrition advice for IBS & SIBO

Anna Mapson, Registered nutritional therapist mBANT CNHC 

In my online clinic I help clients from all over the world

  • Reduce painful & embarrassing gut symptoms
  • Eat a wider selection of foods
  • Understand your triggers so you can get on with your life!

Can you remember what it feels like to eat without worrying about your gut?

Are you struggling with a very sensitive digestion?

Maybe you spend hours researching new IBS diets or eliminating more foods but you STILL can’t work out what triggers the regular episodes of dashing to the loo.

If you lurch from one elimination diet to the next, always second guessing your symptoms, and you want support to identify what can work for you – I can help you

How I can help with your IBS diet:

1:1 Gut Reset

Get sustainable relief from unpredictable, frustrating gut symptoms without restrictive dieting

Group Gut Reset

Get your life back, find your IBS community & tackle flare ups so you can get back enjoying food again

Inside Knowledge

Listen to THE podcast for help with IBS symptoms, diet tips, and busting nutrition myths

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Logos of the press appearances for Anna Mapson, IBS nutritional therapist.
Logos of the press appearances for Anna Mapson, IBS nutritional therapist.

Work with me 1:1 – Gut Reset

Pinpoint your quickest dietary changes to get improvements in your digestion over 3 months.

I have helped hundreds of people with IBS, and use years of clinical experience in gut health to tailor your nutrition plan.  

The Gut Reset includes 9x coaching calls, IBS diet advice personalised recipes and meal ideas, as well as testing recommendations where appropriate.

Hi, I’m Anna Mapson, registered Nutritional Therapist at Goodness Me Nutrition. 

I can help you find a way to manage your IBS so you can stop panicking about the nearest toilet and embarrassing gas.

Find the joy in eating food again, without worrying about your digestion.

You might feel nervous about telling a stranger on the internet all about your bloating, gas, smells and noises (very understandable!)

But it might help to know I talk about IBS all day long (when I’m at work, outside work not so much!) as all my clients have gut health issues, so nothing phases me. 

A few helpful things to know about working with me:

  • I won’t force you to get functional tests you don’t need or take hundreds of supplements so you don’t waste money.
  • We start from wherever you are and work at your pace so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Building a relationship with you is important. I offer weekly calls to start so you feel comfortable.
  • You need support to make change stick, and it’s hard to do on your own. That’s why I only work with people over 3 months, not a one off consultation so you are supported.
  • Research and evidence is important to me, I’m not really into ‘woo’ so you don’t waste energy on ineffective ‘treatments’.
  • Diet changes are meant to be sustainable, not a quick fix, so you get change that lasts.

“Highly recommend Anna’s Gut Reset program if you are looking to understand improve your gut health.

I had been suffering for far too long before I worked with Anna and had tried various diets and supplements with little or no improvement. The combination of 1:1 calls and videos really helped me to get to grips with the low Fodmap diet and subsequent food reintroduction – six months later I am almost symptom free, eating a more varied diet than I have for years and not continuously worrying about my tummy.

Anna is kind, patient and very knowledgeable; her understanding of IBS and how to deal with it definitely gets results.“

Gut Reset client

woman wearing a blue sleeveless sweater holding her stomach

Super simple non-food IBS Tips

Top 5 non-food IBS management tips you can download and implement straight away. Simple but effective changes for better digestion.

“A wonderful person, a wealth of knowledge and very professional in her approach. I came to Anna fed up, bloated, with an unhappy gut, and restricted diet. Across the last 4 months we’ve worked together on a low fodmap diet, and introduced good bacteria back into my gut. I am no longer having a bloated stomach, I’m not constantly having bad loo experiences and my mental health has improved. I’d highly recommend Anna because of her approach, knowledge and empathy towards people who suffer with gut issues. Don’t go anywhere else if you need support or advice!

Gut Reset client

Latest blog posts: 

Ep.45 – Bloating – IBS podcast
Ep.45 – Bloating – IBS podcast

Do you undo your waistband every evening by 7pm because of significant bloating? If you do, you’re not alone. Bloating is one of the most common issues that I work with. I’ve had clients who’ve had such significant bloating they’ve had to remove their bra after lunch because the bloating was pushing in their upper abdomen.
I’ve also worked with somebody whose bloating gave them palpitations because their swollen digestive tract was increasing pressure on their heart. In this episode of the Inside Knowledge podcast, I’ll share tips on what to avoid eating, doing, and wearing to beat the bloat. I’ll also share some ideas to help if you’re in the midst of a flare up, so you can have more evenings without undoing your waistband.

Ep.44 – Cravings
Ep.44 – Cravings

Why is it so hard to resist your cravings, especially when you’re trying to start a new healthy way of eating? Whether you’re dieting to try and lose weight, or you’re just trying to cut down on snack foods and increase your vegetables, those cravings can really creep in. In this episode of the Inside Knowledge Podcast, you’ll learn What is a craving and why do we need those special foods that we crave?
What’s the link between diet and gut health and also how to reduce the occurrence of these cravings as well as what to do when a craving really hits you? You’ll also hear some examples interspersed throughout today’s episode of how I’ve worked with clients who asked for help with their cravings.

Can you eat lentils if you have IBS?
Can you eat lentils if you have IBS?

Many people I work with are pretty scared of lentils. They are well known to cause gas in people, even if you don't have IBS. So the thought of knowing eating something that might make things worse can be scary.  However, in this article I'd like to explain why...