The IBS Reset Meal Plan & 10 Day Boost

Are you fed up with bloating?

Tired of eating the same food every day?

Worrying your diet is not right for your digestion?


Imagine if you in just 10 days you could:

  • feel less bloated
  • sleep better
  • improve your digestion
  • Identify your IBS triggers
“I have Anna Mapson to thank for as I am TRANSFORMED! This is an understatement. She has taken away my bloating, pain and made me see food completely differently. ”


Meal Plan & Recipes

Tasty gut healthy recipes the whole family will enjoy

Support & Accountability

Daily digestion tips, support from a Nutritionist

Gut Health Education

Understand links to mood, weight, immune health

Healthy Lifestyle Advice

Easy, implementable tips to support your digestion

Wouldn’t it be nice to get some help with family meal planning from someone who understands about IBS and digestive issues?

  • Make simple sustainable changes that will improve your diet
  • Get more energy so you better enjoy your family time, work and exercise.
  • Learn how to live to support better gut health
“The best bit of the programme was seeing my husband’s attitude change from “oh god, what’s she got me doing now…. I’m going to be going hungry this week” to “wow, that was amazing, when can we eat that again!”.  I’ve now put together a menu plan for the next three weeks, and your recipes feature heavily!”


You get a week of tasty recipes and all the information you need to develop and maintain good digestion over the long term.

It’s totally doable, even for busy parents, or business owners. A shopping list accompanies the meal plan, and I’ll send you 10 emails with digestive health tips.


I can give you:

  • tools to improve your gut health 
  • principles of a healthy diet 
  • confidence in your meal planning.

Imagine what you could be doing with all the extra energy and head space that isn’t taken up with thinking about your digestion issues. 

Feedback From Reset Participants:

“Before starting this programme I struggled with overeating and had a bloated stomach and constipation.

I liked all the recipes in the pack and it was well worth the time to do the cooking.  I felt better due to cooking healthy meals from scratch, and I noticed my sugar cravings reduced. The best bit of the programme was eating more healthily, and eating more food, but without gaining any weight.”



This programme gives you fantastic recipes that will become staples in your repertoire, she also is a font of easy accessible knowledge and gives advice that is easy to follow. Anna has a no judgement approach and makes you feel proud of any small changes that you may make to your diet and lifestyle. As a family we feel healthier, with more energy. I urge you to give it a go – your mind and body will feel so much better for doing so. Thank you!


Meal Plan Built By A Nutritional Therapist

You don’t have time to search through the internet for what makes a healthy diet. I’ve spent time researching and identifying the simplest ways you can improve your gut health to give you the most improvement in just 7 days.

I’ll share simple, tried and tested, implementable steps you can put into practice straight away. Previous participants have seen brilliant results in 10 days.


Tasty Recipes The Whole Family Will Love

  • The IBS Reset is flexible and adaptable.
  • You don’t have to stick to the plan as it’s written.
  • There are 7 days worth of meal ideas and recipes but you can mix and match with your own schedule.