Struggling to stick to a healthy diet? Unsure what to eat?

Join me over 6 weeks to build a long term healthy eating plan that works for you and your family.  Stick to a healthy diet through the busy times. Feel confident about meal planning. 

Better digestion, better energy, better nutrition 

“Good nutrition is more than following a set diet, it’s about understanding what works for your body, and how different foods affects you.”

You’ve tried all the faddy diets and still don’t know what kind of food to eat to feel energetic, or get rid of that bloating. 

It’s hard to change your diet, and most people either need support, or return to their old ways of eating after a set period of time.

6 Weeks To Better Digestion & More Energy

Week 1 – Timing

Looking at when you eat and sleep and how this supports health 

  • How to actually put this into practice with your busy schedule
  • Intermittent fasting – what it means and how it might help
  • Sleep tips through better nutrition & lifestyle

Week 2 – Foundations

What to eat to fuel your busy life 

  • How much protein, fibre or fat should you be eating? Where to find these nutrients.
  • Building a healthy daily meal plan

Week 3 – Energy

Eat well to keep up your energy levels 

  • Avoiding the afternoon energy slump
  • Get more energy to support an active life and all your commitments

Week 4 – Diversity

Increase the variety in your diet

  • How to eat more vegetables – aiming for 7 a day
  • Why diversity in your diet is good for you
  • Superfoods – what are they and should you eat them

Week 5 – Brain Health

Eat to boost your brain power 

  • Keep in tip top shape to power your day
  • How diet may support better memory and concentration

Week 6 – Immune Health

Support immune function  

  • Help your body build strong defences 
  • Working with gut health

In my 6 Weeks To Better Digestion And More Energy course you will get:


  • Easy swaps to level up your home cooking
  • Weekly recipes
  • How to get back on track after a holiday or few weeks of eating junk
  • Clarity on the basics of healthy eating to help meal planning
  • Tips on what to choose when eating out

This programme will give you:

The foundations of a healthy diet PLUS weekly recipes

Accountability & support for 6 weeks to implement the changes together

Access to a nutritionist to help you tailor advice to your lifestyle

The 6 Weeks To Better Digestion & More Energy course starts on 4th November 2019. This is a trial run, I’m testing the material before a big launch in the new year. 

When I launch the course in January it will cost £98.

This beta test version is less than half price at £47. Help me shape the course by giving me your feedback, and in return I’m giving you the content for a cheaper price. 

How it works:

Weekly topics creating your understanding of nutrition. Each week features:


  • Email to support the topic (handouts, checklists, ideas)
  • Video blog
  • New recipe each week
  • Facebook group to share tips and support