Nutritional Therapist – IBS, SIBO, Reflux & Gut Health

Are digestive symptoms ruining your life?

  • Maybe you can’t eat out because of multiple food sensitivities, or
  • Every meal you eat sends you running to the toilet
  • You’re so exhausted looking for a solution to the constant bloating

Many of my clients have been back and forth to the doctor for IBS or digestive symptoms and still don’t know what to eat.

You can’t fix your IBS until you know what is driving the symptoms

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Since you’re looking at my site you’ve probably got a question about seeing a nutritionist could help with IBS. Maybe you

  • Have struggled with digestive issues like bloating, pains, excess wind or constipation
  • Get ‘hangry’ if you miss a meal, and constantly crave sugary snacks to get you through the day
  • Don’t sleep well or feel really tired all the time
  • Have repeated colds and constantly feel under the weather

Nutritional therapy can help you regain your balance and your ‘get up and go’.

Imagine if…

You woke up feeling full of energy, ready to deal with the day to day challenges of work, parenting or sports.

You enjoyed eating a varied diet, that didn’t set off your symptoms

You found a way make some changes without restrictive diets that cancel socialising and leave you hungry.

I understand it’s hard to make changes to your diet, our emotions and beliefs are tied up with eating and food. I will support you through this process every step of the way. I use research driven recommendations, based on science to find a diet that works for you. 

This is how I help

  • My focus is on support development of a healthy gut. Digestive imbalances are at the root of most disease, even if there are no digestive symptoms
  • I get to the root cause of your issues using a detailed health analysis questionnaire and interview during our initial appointment, (via video call).
  • I support my clients using regular coaching sessions to make real sustainable changes to their diet. I’m accessible with weekly calls, and regular email contact. We tweak the diet plan as we go, moving at your pace, to fit with your lifestyle.
  • I help you meet your health goals and will push you where you need it, or support your when you need it. We work together.

What you eat has a profound impact on your body and mind. I see results in my clients through simple but effective dietary changes.

What is holding you back from taking steps to improve your health and freeing yourself from your current issues? 

cut ginger root, some lemon balm leaves, small pile of fennel seeds, and a herb tea in a glass, against a dark grey background

About me

I set up Goodness Me Nutrition to help people like you find a diet that works for your unique body. We are all individual, with very different lifestyles, genes, gut microbiomes, lifestyles, health conditions and history! That’s why there is no such thing as a one IBS diet. 

Work with me to understand what foods support your body, and how to create tasty, easy to make recipes.

I am a registered Nutritionist and full member of BANT  (The British Association of Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine). I’m also a registered Nutritional Therapist for 1:1 consultations with CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) and abide by their strict codes of ethics and conduct.

I have two children and enjoy Irish dancing in my spare time.


Here is how you can work with me:

Mealplans & IBS Tools – This will help if:
  • You need a quick boost to digestion
  • You’re really busy so want do things on your own schedule, start and stop on demand.
  • You want fresh healthy meal ideas and easy ways to eat more healthily. 

Check out the mealplans – low FODMAP 7 day meal plan, Vegan High Protein plan, PLUS IBS 10 Day Reset. IBS Assessment trackers and tools. 

1:1 Nutrition Support – This is best if:
  • You have a pre-diagnosed condition or complex health history
  • You want a personalised health MOT and want tailored focused strategies for change.

Work with me 1:1 – Gut Reset Nutrition Consultation –  work with me over 2-6 months to pinpoint your quickest dietary changes to get results. Includes meal plans and testing recommendations where appropriate.