How we work together

I want us to get the most out of our time together, to help you feel strong and confident with food choices, so take a look at 3 things I think are really important part of what I do and how we work together:

1. I won’t ‘cure’ your condition for you. We work together to co-create your health

I’m really passionate about giving people the right tools to become balanced, healthy and well. The emphasis is on us working together to find what works for you, each person is different and has different needs in terms of nutrition, but also in terms of how much change you want to make at a time, or how much support you want from me.

There are no ‘out of the box’ solutions, it’s all tailored to you and what you need.


2. What you eat makes a difference to your health

Food is essential to our health. What we eat and how we digest food affects every cell in the body.

You can’t have optimum health without a balanced varied diet. Your gut health is critical to your wellbeing, and all our body systems are interrelated. I take a comprehensive questionnaire to look at all your body systems, things that may seem unrelated but help me build a complete picture of your health.

There is no single ‘correct’ diet that suits everyone, some people flourish on vegan diets, some suit paleo, ketogenic, vegetarian, and the list goes on! We’ll work together to find what fits your lifestyle, tastes and health conditions.


3. Your efforts will be rewarded

I will review your health conditions, symptoms and come up with tailored recommendations, and you will make the changes. I will give you all the dietary and nutritional support you need to succeed, it’s down to you to implement what we discuss. I’m available to support you every step of your journey.

You may start to see changes in your symptoms quickly, or it may take longer to feel the benefits of dietary changes, but eating a balanced varied diet is important for optimum health.

If you’re ready to start this exciting new step to rebalanced health and wellbeing please get in touch or email info@goodnessme-nutrition.com. I offer a free 15 minute chat to discuss your needs and whether nutritional therapy is right for you – read about working with me.