Aim for 30

How to make your gut microbes happy again

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Why we should all be eating 30 plant based foods a week, and how you can actually do it! 

Gut health research has indicated we should all get more variety in our diets. 

It’s no secret that eating more plant-based foods in our diets is extremely beneficial.

But what does that actually mean? And why should we all be aiming to eat 30 plant-based foods a week? 

It can seem like a lot of effort to go plant-based and consume more plant-based foods. But with the right approach, encouragement, and resources (like this), it can be easier than you think! 

Feed your microbes, make them happy!  

Aim for 30 is a 7 day online course is your guide to eat a diet filled with diverse plant based foods and different sorts of fibre to help feed your gut microbes.

Did you know people who eat 30 different plant based foods a week have healthier guts than people who eat 10 or less? You might have heard of this target before, but do you actually know how this helps your gut.

And, more importantly how on earth do you actually manage to eat like that?

Aim for 30 helps you understand why diet diversity is important, and helps you build a tasty varied diet full of plant foods to help you create a happy gut.

    Mock up of handouts, videos and meals from the Aim for 30 gut health course

    Learn to build better gut health

    Hi, I’m Anna, a registered Nutritional Therapist with over 6 years of clinical experience working with people who have IBS and SIBO.

    I’ve created this course to give people like you a lively look at gut health, cutting straight to the chase by explaining the “need to knows” to make a difference to gut health.

    You need Aim for 30 in your life if you want a guide to:

    • Build life long gut health
    • Learn more about foods to help gut health
    • Download gut health hacks for clever shopping, cooking and eating
    • Get excited about eating more plants!

    What you get in Aim for 30 – my gut health mini course

    This course condenses my years of clinical nutrition experience and gut health research to explain what you need to know about healthy eating. It’s packed with practical actions you can start on straight away. 

    By buying Aim for 30 you’ll get:

    • Pack of 10 healthy tasty recipes
    • Handout – Tracker for diet diversity explaining how to count your plants
    • Handout – My Top 11 tips for increasing plant diversity
    • Video – Why 30 foods, which types of fibre types benefit gut health?
    • Video – How to increase diet diversity
    • 7 daily emails with encouragement and mini daily tips to get variety into your diet

    Aim for 30 is for you if you

    • Struggle with your gut health now or want to future proof it
    • Eat the same food each week and fancy a change
    • Have a restricted diet and want to change that

    “I was initially unsure about seeking support to help with my diet, digestion and well-being. Truth be told I hadn’t realised how badly I was managing my diet, this is something which in itself can be hard to admit. However, Anna’s professional and friendly approach combined with her in depth technical knowledge, put me at ease from day 1.
    I found Anna’s methods to be holistic, pragmatic, sensitive, well communicated and well structured. Her advice and support has set me on a new direction in terms of how I manage my diet and well being, for which I am very grateful.
    I would wholeheartedly recommend GoodnessMe Nutrition to anyone seeking support with their diet, digestion, nutritional well being or mind/body biome!


    Gut Reset client