Join the Beat The Bloat – Goodness For Your Gut Membership

Beat The Bloat membership group for Recipes, Nutrition strategies and Community is for you if you:

  • Are fed up of undoing your jeans after every meal because of bloating
  • Stare into the fridge each evening, not knowing what to cook each day 
  • Want access to a nutritionist but working 1:1 isn’t an option for you right now
  • Need some help with your digestion, but you can’t face starting a a lot of work because you’re really busy

A chance to focus on yourself

I know you’re really busy, and sometimes don’t prioritise your own health. Perhaps you’re feeling bored of cooking the same foods each day, unsure if they are making your symptoms worse or better.

I will help you using the techniques and strategies from my 1:1 client work. In Beat The Bloat we focus on how to:

  • Feel more energy with a better digestion
  • Take the stress out of cooking with tasty new meals
  • Develop a healthy relationship to food
  • Understand the fundamentals for healthy meal planning

Included in the membership each month you will get

  • Monthly seasonal pack of recipes
  • Nutrition Q&A – ask a nutritionist
  • Healthy Habit theme – accountability & support to develop healthy habits
  • Templates, trackers and community to help you get healthy

Does this sound like what you need at the moment? Join for 6 months to give it a go.


“Anna is amazing! As well as guiding me in making changes to my diet she also supported me in making magageable changes to my lifestyle.”


Sneak Peek into Beat The Bloat

Take a look at all the features that are included in the monthly membership, or the example of the recipes in the short video below. 

Tasty healthy meal plans put together by nutritionists. Meals are suitable for people on a variety of diets, including vegan, dairy free, gluten free or wheat free. 

Some meals may include meat, fish, eggs or dairy, but there will always be options if you avoid certain foods. 

The ‘cook-along’ sessions help show you HOW do prepare meals. 

You will learn WHY certain foods are beneficial, and how to eat more variety in your diet.  

Develop healthy habits through small manageable tasks to help you stay on track each month. 

Improve your 

  • Sleep
  • Motivation for exercise
  • Emotional eating habits
  • Diet variety and more 

The group already has strategies and tips you can put into practice today on themse of Mindful Eating, Protein and Intermittent Fasting. 

Monthly Q& A sessions themed around our Healthy Habit help you to stay accountable and on track. 

Get your nutrition questions answered each month.

I invite experts into the group to share tips on fitness, motivation, anxiety management and much more. 

Hear from yoga therapists, hynotherapists, personal trainers and professionals who can support your dietary changes. 

Do you need to save time cooking?

I can help save you time in the kitchen, freeing up time for family, relaxation or exercise.

I will help you eat a more varied diet full of nutritious, gut healthy foods.

Join Beat The Boat membership for the price of a coffee and a cake each month. At just £5 a month it is excellent value.