Do you have IBS, bloating or digestives issues? 

Have you looked online, and tried a faddy diet (or two), but you still have ongoing symptoms? 

It’s time to get back to the real you.

You know the one. The one who can eat real food without worrying about what comes next.

The one who doesn’t feel like a bloated mess after every meal. The one who doesn’t have to avoid every restaurant because they don’t know food might set off bloating and gas?

My nutritional therapy clients want to eat real food, and feel like themselves again, but don’t know where to start. They are sick of looking for the ‘right diet’ for their Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

How does it work? The Gut Reset Programme is made up of three parts:

  1. Tools to support your IBS diet (including meal plans, supplement plan, diet diary & symptom tracker)
  2. 1:1 Coaching and Accountability
  3. Education on gut health and nutrition for life


    I feel like I got my body back!” 

    Gut Reset client, 2020

    white woman with long hair turning in sunshine

    Imagine how it would feel: 

    • understanding your IBS triggers 
    • eating a well balanced diet that suits your body
    • your own meal plan, avoiding foods you don’t like, to build reduce IBS symptoms
    • someone to keep you accountable, tweak the plan and answer questions about your specific situation as you encounter implement the changes.

    Does this sound like what you need? 

    Anna Mapson - Registered Nutritionist mBANT

    “The recipes, nutritional advice and lifestyle changes made a changes made a huge improvement to my IBS. I have learned so much and really enjoyed our catch ups.”


    Private Nutrition Coaching – £440 for 3 months

    Helping you make the changes, keeping you accountable, on track and fully supported. 

    Working with me you get:

    • Initial consultation – (90 mins) video call
      • Detailed health and lifestyle assessment
      • Current diet analysis
    • Personalised meal plan with recipes
    • Recommendations for supplements and / or functional testing (if required)
    • Discounts on any supplements I recommend for you.


    • 9x 30 min coaching calls with me to keep up the momentum and accountability
    • Functional Testing analysis (e.g. review of your stool test results)
    • Supplement prescription and review


    Meal Plans are customised based on your symptoms and budget. You’ll get meal plans that are easy to implement into your daily life, even if you’re on a budget or if you have restrictions—like if you need gluten-free options!


    1:1 Coaching means that you work one-on-one with me to guide you through the process of changing your diet in a way that works for YOU! 

    “I was initially unsure about seeking support to help with my diet, digestion and well-being. Truth be told I hadn’t realised how badly I was managing my diet, this is something which in itself can be hard to admit. However, Anna’s professional and friendly approach combined with her in depth technical knowledge, put me at ease from day 1.
    I found Anna’s methods to be holistic, pragmatic, sensitive, well communicated and well structured. Her advice and support has set me on a new direction in terms of how I manage my diet and well being, for which I am very grateful.
    I would wholeheartedly recommend GoodnessMe Nutrition to anyone seeking support with their diet, digestion, nutritional well being or mind/body biome!


    Gut Reset client, 2021

    Work with me - IBS Nutritionist

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    Check out these frequently asked questions about the Gut Reset

    How much time do I need for the Gut Reset, I'm busy!

    You certain will need to create some time to make the changes, but I will help you minimise wasted time working out how to improve your IBS on your own.

    • In terms of the time spent with me you’ll need 90 mins for our initial consultation, and then around 20-30 mins for the regular coaching calls. 
    • You will also need some time to think about changing your diet – perhaps buying new ingredients, or cooking new meals. I understand this can be stressful so my meal plans come with a shopping list and clear recipe creation guidance. In our regular calls I help answer any questions about how to put my recommendations into practice.
    • Think of all the time you spend now worrying about your digestion, googling symptoms and researching IBS diets on Pinterest. Instead of trying to work it out on your own you’ll have me to ask!  
    Is this going to work for me?

    I’ve seen some incredible improvements in my clients, and I’ve helped hundreds of people with IBS get relief from their symptoms. Sometimes the results can be quick and sometimes it takes longer to see resolution of the symptoms.

    The results depend on two things:

    1. where you are now with your IBS
    2. how much change you can cope with. 

    The outcome depends on what you’re experiencing, how long you’ve had IBS for, whether or not you have other conditions and what else is going on for you at the moment. It also very much depends on much you’re prepared to change, can you make one small change a week, or do you have the time and energy to change everything all at once. (By the way I rarely recommend doing it all at once!)  

    I've tried similar programmes in the past and it didn't work

    I’m always open to hearing about what has worked for you (and what hasn’t worked) in the past. Perhaps you’ve already worked with a nutritionist, or you’ve tried various dietary interventions yourself. I wonder whether your previous trials were:

    • With a specialist in digestive health – I only with with people who have IBS or gut health issues, so I have a great deal of experience in the specific symptoms like bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, excessive gas, reflux, and other gut symptoms. Because I focus on IBS & SIBO I stay up to date with scientific research, I spend all day talking to clients about it and I focus my ongoing professional education in this area too. Not everyone understands IBS or SIBO.
    • 1:1 coaching focussed over 3+ month – my programmes are set up to give you a lot of support, and contact time with me, so you don’t get left to figure it out on your own.
    • Focussed on teaching you about digestion – I’m here to provide you with an education so you leave the Gut Reset with a clear plan for how to continue.