Struggling to stick to a healthy diet? Tired of cutting foods out of your diet?

Join me over 60 days to build a long term healthy eating plan that works for you and your IBS. 

Stick to a healthy diet through the busy times. Get confident about what to eat. 

“The format of the course means that you’re able to make small but significant changes to your day to day life and feel the benefits. The information was in great bite-sized chunks, and very accessible. The weekly video makes the information easy to understand and absorb, so you’re more likely to be able to make the changes and feel the difference.”


You’ve tried all the faddy diets and still don’t know what kind of food to eat to feel energetic, or get rid of that bloating. 

It’s hard to change your diet, and most people either need support, or return to their old ways of eating after a set period of time.

Easy Route To Digestive Health - 60 Day Habit Builder

Reset your IBS, Reset your gut health, Reset your diet

Timing – Looking at when you eat and sleep and how this supports health 

  • How to actually put this into practice with your busy schedule
  • Intermittent fasting – what it means and how it might help
  • Sleep tips through better nutrition & lifestyle

Fuel your busy life 

  • What to eat if you’ve got IBS
  • How much protein should you be eating?
  • Importance of fibre for gut health and IBS
  • Diversity and varity 
  • Building a healthy daily meal plan

Stress and IBS 

  • Managing stress strategies
  • Understanding how stress affects IBS symptoms
  • What to eat during a flare up

 Hydration, Diversity and Variety 

  • How to eat more vegetables – aiming for 7 a day
  • Importance of hydration for people with IBS
  • Why diversity in your diet is good for you
  • Superfoods – what are they and should you eat them


Balancing your daytime activities

  • Brain health tips for better concentration to reduce feelings of brain fog
  • Tips to keep active during the day
  • Exercise tips for people with IBS

Get better sleep  

  •  Lifestyle and diet tips for better sleep
  • Understanding the gut and sleep link 
  • How your IBS is affected by sleep


In my 60 Day Healthy Habit Builder course you will get:


  • My 7 IBS Reset Principles
  • Lifestyle strategies for better sleep, weight loss, gut health and healthy eating
  • Easy swaps to level up your home cooking
  • Weekly recipes
  • Clarity on IBS criteria and testing options

This programme will give you:

Healthy habits that stick, so you avoid symptom flare ups

Accountability & support for 60 days to implement the changes together

Access to a nutritionist to help you tailor advice to your lifestyle

“Anna is a down-to-earth, passionate nutritionist that offers accessible, easy to understand information to improve your overall health. For me, the level of info was spot on, and any particular areas I wanted to know more about I was able to ask in the group.”

The Easy Route to Healthy Digestion course starts on 21st September 2020

How it works:

Weekly tasks to help you build healthy habits. Each topic features:

  • Email to support the topic (handouts, checklists, ideas)
  • Video blog
  • New recipe each week
  • Facebook group to share tips and support


I’m confident I can find solutions to your diet and lifestyle issues, but if you decide this course isn’t for you in the first 7 days then I’ll refund your money. 

So you’ve got nothing to lose by joining me and the group for 60 days of habit changing.