Food Reintroduction for IBS

Lose the food fear and eat the food you love

Picture of Anna Mapson wearing a yellow t shirt with short hair pointing at the words HOw to reintroduce foods to your IBS diet. Around the edges of the picture are foods such as tomatoes, uncooked spaghetti, eggs, watermelon, lentils, a red apple.

You know you should be eating a wider variety of foods, but so many foods cause your IBS to flare up ! 

Most of my clients struggle to add new foods to their diet at first.

This is normally because anything other than the ‘safe list’ kick off a whole host of digestive symptoms. 

But with the right approach, encouragement, and resources (like this), it can be easier than you think!

Follow my tried and tested process to reintroduce foods to your IBS diet

I’ve helped hundreds of people eat a more varied diet, and go on to enjoy a range of foods they thought they could never eat due to their IBS. 

This is a practical session, which gives you the tools you need to start eating a wider variety of foods from TODAY!

No more restrictive IBS diets!

Hi, I’m Anna, a registered Nutritional Therapist with over 6 years of clinical experience working with people who have IBS and SIBO.

This Food Reintroduction for IBS course was born out of frustration that so many people with IBS are avoiding foods they don’t need to.

It’s a self study online course to help you understand why you might react to certain foods. You will also learn how to bring foods back into your diet, in a way that doesn’t freak you out! 

You probably already know you need to eat more variety, but perhaps your bloating, erratic bowel habits, gas and pain make you hesitant.

This course will help you:

  • Get clarity on which foods to start eating, and why certain foods may be a trigger for your sensitive digestion
  • Increase confidence to start making some changes to your diet
  • Remove guess work with a structure for the reintroduction

What you get in Food Reintroduction for IBS

Included in this training is:

  • My Food Reintroduction method  – a step by step guide to how to bring your foods back in to your diet (55 min video training)
  • A low FODMAP reintroduction schedule
  • My Diet & Symptom tracker – used by my 1:1 clients in the Gut Reset
  • A food reintroduction symptom checker – to report and monitor your symptoms

    Food Reintroduction for IBS is for you if you

    • have had IBS for years, and the list of trigger foods is getting longer and longer
    • you’re bored of eating the same old foods week in week out
    • like working on your health at your own pace, rather than on someone else’s schedule
    Six dots connected in a straight line, each with a word above it reading Prepare, Plan, Eat, Monitor, Repeat - An approach to reintroduction