Expert Nutrition Advice for IBS

Most of us who have suffered with bloating, regular upset stomachs or sluggish digestion, might have considered that we have IBS.

In truth, for most people, the formal diagnosis doesn’t really matter… What is really is important, is being able to identify the root cause of your symptoms so you can manage them without medication, and ultimately alleviate them.

Welcome to Goodness Me Nutrition

I’m Anna Mapson. I’m a nutritionist who specialises in all things ‘digestive health’ and I help people get rid of their IBS symptoms.

But…I’m 100% not about ‘one size fits all’.

I don’t believe everyone with typical IBS symptoms should be cutting things out of their diets and following low FODMAP plans.

I’m a big believer in everyone being able to understand their own bodies and their own symptom triggers and building a diet and lifestyle plan around that.

How I can help with your IBS symptoms

I can help with you with:

  • Symptom & Diet Assessment & Tracker Tools
  • Meal Plans
  • Group courses to guide and support

Seasonal recipes, expert help and accountability to embed digestive health habits working as a community. You get all my 1:1 client experience consolidated into a supportive group.

Build habits to help you stay healthy, even on your busiest days. Monthly recipe pack and meal planning help

Online meal plan & email course. Tasty family friendly recipes. Most people get benefit from dietary change, or it will identify where you need further targeted support.
  • Includes a week’s meal planning done for you
  • Shopping list
  • IBS Diet & Symptom Tracker
  • IBS Assessment tool
Instant downloads to help you track and monitor your IBS symptoms.
Be your own detective, get to know your body.
Identify your symptom triggers & patterns.
Includes targets for sleep, bowel health, hydration, exercise and more.
  • Food & Symptom Tracker
  • IBS Health targets

Hello, I’m Anna Mapson, and as well as my online work I also support private nutrition clients at Goodness Me Nutrition.

If you have a specific digestive challenge or a known diagnosed conditions (e.g. Crohns Disease, Ulcerative Colitis) then please contact me to discuss tailored support for your health.


No eczema flare-ups at all, which is amazing & generally feeling better in myself. I’m a terrible snacker, but the meals left me feeling full and satisfied, so I was less tempted to snack.

“I was feeling constantly run down and fatigued and struggling to find enough energy to get through the days. Through working with Anna, I have been able to increase my energy levels and improve my emotional and physical well-being by adapting my diet and lifestyle. I also feel well-informed and empowered about preparing for pregnancy as I now have all the knowledge and information to know how to support my body.” 

Lucy, 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Client