Do you want to make changes to your diet but you don’t know how to tackle it? Are you struggling with health symptoms you’d like to address through diet?

Goodness Me Nutrition

I offer 1:1 nutrition coaching which will help you through the process of making dietary changes, bit by bit. With weekly calls from me, and monthly face to face sessions you will be supported to make your health goals happen.

I used to see clients for an initial consultation, and then again for a follow up around 6 weeks later, but I found that people struggled to make the changes, or started well, but then lost momentum. Now my coaching packages ensure my dietary suggestions adapt to how you are responding to my advice.

When I work with you I set you a focus for each week in a phone call, followed up by email. In this way we work on the longer term goals together, step by step. It’s more manageable for you, and ensures I’m always here to support you and answer questions.

If you want to start addressing your health goals get in touch – I’ve got space for 2 clients on my coaching programmes starting in later June. Call me if you want to discuss whether this is right for you.

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