Did you know we have the same amount of nerves in our gut as there are in a cat’s head? These neurons line our digestive system and send message back to the brain via the vagus nerves. These message are often closely linked to how we feel emotionally.The Gut - Our Second Brain
For example:
  • Feeling “butterflies in the stomach”, is your stomach talking to your brain through these neurons
  • Mood disorders affect more than half of all patients with irritable bowel syndrome
  • If we’re feeling under attack (this may be real or perceived), our digestion slows down, digestive juices are reduced and blood gets diverted from our gut to our muscles. This is supposed to be a short term fix for the body to escape danger, but becomes common in chronic stress.
The immune, hormonal and nervous systems act as translators between the lining of the gut, the microbiota and the brain. Our lifestyle, including the way we eat, relax, move and our emotions, all has a direct impact on our gut microbiome.
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