Some websites and medical professionals will laugh at the suggestion that there is any evidence to support claims of foods improving our health. If you read a previous last postyou’ll know I don’t subscribe to the view that one superfood can change our diet. If you know about how I work you’ll also realise that I love knowing research behind my recommendations, I am a bit of a science geek and enjoy reading research papers. So I really value informed research about diets and nutrition.Where is the evidence for healthy eating?

The problem with the evidence

However, most research projects are backed by someone who has something to sell. There aren’t many studies to back up claims about health for particular foods unless they are marketable.

Unless it’s going to make someone money there is no point in proving that vegetables are good for us. So for example there has been research about sour cherries improving sleep in children, but this is funded by a company which produces cherry juice products. You don’t find many studies about how broccoli or apples improve our health because it isn’t financially worth anyone proving this. That doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

As I said in my previous post there isn’t one food that makes us healthy, which means it is a combination of real whole foods that helps our gut health.

So studies would have to compare a broad range of eating styles to show evidence of health improvements. The best evidence for a particular diet is for the DASH diet, or the Mediterranean diet and cardiovascular health outcomes.

The evidence base for can only be associations because you can’t keep thousands of people in a trial controlling their food for years and years. These associations have shown links between eating patterns and specific health outcomes.

What to eat

A broad and balanced diet is the best way to support your health, eating a range of vegetables, healthy fats and proteins, and moving your body regularly.

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