Expert Nutrition Advice for IBS, SIBO and reflux

Anna Mapson, Registered Nutritional Therapist mBANT CNHC

Are you struggling with a very sensitive digestion?

Maybe you spend hours researching new IBS diets or eliminating more foods but you STILL can’t work out what triggers the regular episodes of dashing to the loo.

Can you remember what it feels like to eat without worrying about your IBS?

Does this sound like you? 

  • constipation
  • diarrhoea
  • embarrassing excess gas
  • rushing to the toilet
  • constant bloating
  • stomach pains
  • reactions to foods (e.g. skin changes, headaches) 

If you lurch from one diet to the next, always second guessing your symptoms, and you want support to identify what can work to you then see how I can help you below. 

I help people with IBS get back to living life, rather than managing symptoms.


How IBS Nutrition can help

  • Learn about IBS management – read my blog pages to get started 
  • Download recipes & meal plans for IBS, or online courses – See the SHOP
  • Personalised 1:1 Nutrition – 1:1 support for IBS (diagnosed or not) and any gut health issues.


Work with me 1:1 – Gut Reset Nutrition Consultation –  work with me over 2-6 months to pinpoint your quickest dietary changes to get results. Includes meal plans and testing recommendations where appropriate.

Hello, I’m Anna Mapson, registered Nutritional Therapist at Goodness Me Nutrition. 

I can help you find a way to manage your IBS so you can stop panicking about the nearest toilet and embarrassing gas.

Find the joy in eating food again, without worrying about your digestion.

No eczema flare-ups at all, which is amazing & generally feeling better in myself. I’m a terrible snacker, but the meals left me feeling full and satisfied, so I was less tempted to snack.

“I was feeling constantly run down and fatigued and struggling to find enough energy to get through the days. Through working with Anna, I have been able to increase my energy levels and improve my emotional and physical well-being by adapting my diet and lifestyle. I also feel well-informed and empowered about preparing for pregnancy as I now have all the knowledge and information to know how to support my body.” 

Lucy, 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Client

I received brilliant support from Anna, who knows an incredible amount about nutrition as well as good health, physical and mental well being.