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Meet Jodi

  • Client’s main symptoms – excessive smelly gas, bloating and diet confusion. 

From IBS Elimination diet to food peace – how learning to listen to your symptoms can help you learn to love your body.


Student Jodi was stressed about what to eat, and had self imposed lots of restrictions on her diet.

She had constant excessive gas and frequent bloating that was the joke of her housemates, but it was starting to worry her. She was starting a placement as part of her university course in an office, and was anxious her digestion might affect her concentration in the new job.

With a history of anorexia in her younger years she didn’t want to eliminate a lot of foods, but she thought avoiding dairy, some vegetables and eating bland food was helping to keep symptoms at bay.

Jodi had also been a vegetarian for the last five years and was eating a lot of beans, tofu and replacement meat products.

She was looking for a guide to help her improve her knowledge of nutrition and work out what her triggers for bloating and gas might be.

Listening to what digestive symptoms tell you

Throughout the Gut Reset Jodi enjoyed knowing the nutrition elements of the meals and recipes, as well as learning more about how protein, fats and fibre nourished her body.

When we talked about her reasons for being vegetarian Jodi realised that avoiding eating meat could be linked to her previous restrictive eating disorder.

Cautiously she reintroduced meat back into her diet, and found eating less beans and pulses helped reduced bloating and gas.

Her diet changes also gave her more energy, and without any diet rules she felt more relaxed than ever about eating.

She also began to learn the difference between bloating, and feeling full, and started to really tap into her feelings of hunger and satisfaction with food.

Understanding what food does in the body, and why we need different nutrients made sense, and she worried less about specific foods and concentrated on enjoying eating again.

Before we worked together Jodi was focussing on supplementing her diet with protein powders, and supplements recommended from Tiktok.

We spent several coaching sessions talking through online nutrition rumours and learning how to debunk nutrition myths. She also learnt how to choose protein powders without ingredients that could drive her bloating and gas.

Managing your IBS Diet as a student 

The one element of her lifestyle that didn’t change was her late night partying, but as a student this was always going to be a big part of her life!  

Over the 3 months Jodi became much more aware of how alcohol and late nights affected her digestion.

We talked about how to refuel, and recover on the hangover days with good food rather than living off takeaways and booze all weekends.   

She began feeling stronger at the gym, and with the night-time routine I suggested she began to fall asleep more quickly at night, rather than tossing and turning for hours. Some trouble she was having with breathing also resolved itself during this time, and she began to feel more relaxed.


By the end of the Gut Reset Jodi was eating more variety in her diet than ever before, and loving it!

She said ‘my relationship with food is better, this has been invaluable.’


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