Constipation case study

“No more crippling stomach aches!”

IBS Symptoms

This client came to me with:

  • Daily stomach aches every morning for over 6 months
  • She had a low BMI and struggled to put on weight
  • Constipation with two or three bowel movements a week, Type 1-2 on Bristol Stool Chart

She was anxious and experienced an afternoon energy slump.

Her skin was suffering too with acne on forehead and eczema in her elbows, & dry itchy scalp.

IBS Relief

By the end of two months working together the client had

  • No more morning stomach cramps
  • More energy in the afternoons
  • A bowel movement every day or every other day
  • Increased hunger (so could stomach eating more food to put on weight)
  • Much more varied diet, eating a wider variety of foods

IBS Treatment Plan

We ran a stool test which showed:

  • a high level of bacteria associated with her gut symptoms
  • lack of commensal bacteria (especially lactobacillus)
  • some methane producing bacteria (associated with constipation)
  • Some bacteria associated with degrading the mucus lining of the gut

I advised on supplements and a diet to support this.

The client changed the timing of her meals, introducing an overnight fast. She restarted exercising to build muscle and strength. We increased the variety in her diet, increasing the fruit and vegetable intake. 

As a single mum of three she worked really hard on creating space to focus on her own health. She gradually made big changes to her diet that fitted with family life. 

I was so happy when this client’s stomach aches stopped, she was so used to her morning pain she said “I didn’t think anything of it, until it stopped”.

It can be an added challenge when a client’s diet has to fit around family life and children’s food preferences, but we found a way of eating that reduced constipation and pain for good.

Anna Mapson, IBS Nutritionist

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