SIBO, reflux & bloating resolved through diet

“I know now how to eat to avoid acid reflux”

IBS Symptoms

This client (mid 60s) came to me with:

  • Acid regurgitation (reflux) and hiatus hernia. The acid was eroding his back teeth at night despite taking Omeprazole (PPI). 
  • Recurrent digestive issues such as bloating, erratic bowel movements
  • Previous gut infections from living abroad

He had a physical job, but was struggling to lose weight and was eating all evening. 

IBS Relief

By the end of two months working together the client had:

  • Reduced his acid reflux medication by half and was planning to try coming off it completely
  • Lost half a stone in weight and his trousers were falling down
  • No more bloating
  • Better sleep, waking feeling refreshed
  • Healthy mindful approach to eating, meal planning and understanding what food does to the body.

IBS Treatment Plan

I arranged a stool test for him which showed

  • Low levels of healthy (commensal) bacteria
  • Low levels of secretory IgA (which supports a healthy mucus lining in the gut
  • High levels of bacteria associated with SIBO, and crowd out healthier bacteria

To support digestion we worked on:

  • Addressing meal timing, allowing time for digestion before bed
  • Addressing gut bacteria dysbiosis with supplements, herbs and foods
  • Ensuring a broad and balanced diet

Reducing reflux medication is possible.

This client was really up for radical change of diet and prepared to do anything, but sometimes a slower approach is more effective for long term success.

Anna Mapson, IBS Nutritionist

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