Join my next 7 Day Gut Reset

Are you fed up with bloating? Tired of eating the same food every day yet worrying your diet is not right for your digestion? Imagine if you could feel more energy, sleep better and improve your digestion. 

You will learn, understand and implement the science behind my gut health principles in just 7 days.  

Changing your diet can help improve your gut health, and I will give you the principles of a healthy diet in 7 days, so you can eat well for the future.  

I created the 7 Day Gut Reset to give you back confidence in your diet, alongside tasty meal plans and all the information you need to develop and maintain good digestion.

It’s totally doable, even for busy parents, or business owners because I support you all week. 

Imagine what you could be doing with all the extra energy and head space that isn’t taken up with thinking about your digestion issues. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to get some help with family meal planning from someone who knows what they are talking about? You will learn more about the fascinating research around gut health so you’re equipped for life.

  • Make simple sustainable changes that will improve your diet
  • Get more energy so you better enjoy your family time, work and exercise. 
  • Learn how to live to support better gut health

To sign up just complete this Google Form to let me know you’re in and I’ll add your name to the list to get going on a great start towards tip top gut health.

Payment is via Paypal, or email me for bank details to pay direct.

Join my 7 day Gut Reset Programme to reduce bloating, enjoy new meals and feel more energy! The next 7 Day Gut Reset starts on

Sunday 8th September 2019

Get your zing back for only £36.

The programme runs for 7 days each time. You’ll get:

  • 7 days of tasty meal ideas and recipes
  • Access to me each day in the Facebook group in Facebook Live interactive broadcasts so you can ask me diet and health questions
  • Daily inspiration and support through a closed Facebook group throughout the reset. Includes information about your gut health and how to protect and develop your microbiome.
  • Lifestyle tips to help you through the week (e.g. sleep, exercise)


Join the next 7 Day Gut Reset

Learn how to develop and maintain good gut health with tasty recipes and a supportive group

Content Built By A Nutritional Therapist


I’ve spent time researching and identifying the simplest ways you can improve your gut health to give you the most improvement in just 7 days. I’ll share simple, tried and tested, implementable steps you can put into practice straight away.

If you want a week’s worth of menu planning with tasty recipes that your family will love look no further!


Tasty Recipes The Whole Family Will Enjoy


You don’t have to stick to the plan as it’s written, there are 7 days worth of meal ideas and recipes but you can mix and match with your own schedule. If you’re worried about what your family will think about the new food plan then take see what a previous participant had to say:

“The best bit of the programme was seeing my husband’s attitude change from “oh god, what’s she got me doing now…. I’m going to be going hungry this week” to “wow, that was amazing, when can we eat that again!”.  I’ve now put together a menu plan for the next three weeks, and your recipes feature heavily!”

My Support – Your Accountability

  • You will be fully supported all week to follow the food plan, you can ask me questions, your own personal nutritionist for a week! 
  • I provide a shopping list so you can find all the food if there are things you don’t normally stock in the cupboards
  • Through a closed Facebook group you will connect with others on the 7 Day Gut Reset 
  • Share tips, photos, progress and advice with other participants
  • Daily emails packed with gut health information


To sign up complete the Google Form by clicking below. 


Join the next 7 Day Gut Reset

Learn how to develop and maintain good gut health with tasty recipes and a supportive group


This 7 Day Gut Reset package costs £24 per person.

Contact me with any questions on info@goodnessme-nutrition.com or through my contact webform .

Next steps

It’s really easy to get going with making some dietary changes once someone is helping you. I’m a registered Nutritional Therapist and can steer you in the right direction to better gut health through diet.

Sign up here to complete a quick form with your details.

Feedback From Previous Gut Reset Participants:

“Before starting this programme I struggled with overeating and had a bloated stomach and constipation.

I liked all the recipes in the pack and it was well worth the time to do the cooking.  I felt better due to cooking healthy meals from scratch, and I noticed my sugar cravings reduced. The best bit of the programme was eating more healthily, and eating more food, but without gaining any weight.

It was great working with Anna, during the 7 Day Gut Reset there was lots of online support and encouragement, along with her experience and knowledge of good nutrition.”
Jane, Bristol