Do you have IBS, bloating or digestives issues? 

Have you looked online, and tried a faddy diet (or two), but you still have ongoing symptoms? 

My nutritional therapy clients want to eat real food, and feel like themselves again, but don’t know where to start. They are sick of looking for the ‘right diet’ for their IBS.

Many of my clients are too busy caring for family or over delivering at work to invest time in sorting their symptoms.

It doesn’t have to be this way. I will give you diet and lifestyle tools that work for you to help you get:


  • better digestion
  • more sleep
  • clarity on how to eat healthily

    “I feel like I got my body back!”


    bowl of lemons against a white background

    Imagine how it would feel: 

    • understanding your IBS triggers 
    • eating a well balanced diet that suits your body
    • your own meal plan, avoiding foods you don’t like, to build reduce IBS symptoms
    • someone to keep you accountable, tweak the plan and answer questions about your specific situation as you encounter implement the changes.

    Does this sound like what you need? 

    Anna Mapson - Registered Nutritionist mBANT

    “The recipes, nutritional advice and lifestyle changes made a changes made a huge improvement to my IBS. I have learned so much and really enjoyed our catch ups.”


    Private Nutrition Coaching – from £400 for 2 months

    Helping you make the changes, keeping you accountable, on track and fully supported. 

    Working with me you get:

    • Initial consultation – (90 mins) video call
      • Detailed health and lifestyle assessment
      • Current diet analysis
      • Personalised meal plan
      • Tailored nutrition plan – what you should eat more / less of and why
      • Recommendations for supplements  (if necessary)
      • Recommendations for functional testing (if required)
      • Discounts on any supplements I recommend for you.


    • Coaching calls with me to keep up the momentum and accountability
    • Functional Testing analysis (e.g. review of your stool test results)
    • Supplement prescription and review

    How to book:

    Contact me via the website form or email info@goodnessme-nutrition.com. I look forward to hearing from you.