If you’ve got IBS you have probably trawled the internet looking for the super food that will help your symptoms. What are superfoods? 

There is no formal definition of a super food, which is why there is confusion about their benefits. 

Superfoods are generally anything that is rich in certain beneficial nutrients, and supports our health.

Trendy superfoods like acai berries, or baobab fruit are generally flown in from the other side of the world, marketed as the key to long lives and optimal health.

Superfoods – The key to health?

It can be so tempting to rely on the idea of a supplement or powder to help us feel healthy. It’s much harder to focus on every day eating, and making small basic changes for the longer term. This promise of a food to heal us maybe why the superfood industry is thriving!

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Superfoods vs Everyday foods

Many of the vegetables grown in this country have just as much if not more super nutrition powers. Locally grown foods like cabbage, cauliflower or carrots are also fresher, and much cheaper.

For example black currants grown in the UK have more vitamin C than the goji berries which are marketed as vitamin C super boosters.

Everyday foods in this country are also super foods, but they don’t have a marketing campaign behind them.

If you eat a lot of processed foods but have some manuka honey, wheatgrass or spirulina once a week that won’t make you healthy.

There isn’t one top superfood that can bust all the others out of the market, we need a variety of foods for a healthy gut.

Remember that the microbes need all kinds of fibre to help them thrive, so focus on how many different foods, especially vegetables and fruits you can include in one week.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t include superfoods in our diet, it’s just that one particular food can’t make you healthy.

Long term health – look after your gut health

You need to concentrate on feeding your gut bacteria every day, with the fibre they need to flourish.

Aim for 5 vegetables and 2 fruits each day to get a good boost of vitamins, minerals and fibre every day.

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