IBS Nausea case study

“I’m so much more relaxed about food”

IBS Symptoms

This client came to me with:

  • Generalised  anxiety  
  • Male pattern hair loss (in early 20s) diagnosed by a trichologist as telogen effluvium. Also identified low iron, low B12 in blood tests..
  • Constant nausea and stomach gurgling
  • Desire to ‘bulk up’ in the gym and add weight – was using calorie tracking apps and meal prepping the whole week 

This client had been forcing himself to eat, even when not hungry to gain muscle mass.

IBS Relief

By the end of two months working together the client had:

  • Improved anxiety levels and no more feelings of nausea
  • Reduced stress around meal planning and eating more food than he needed (for the gainz)
  • Removed rules around food, now enjoys eating with friends or ‘off plan’
  • Increased diet variety, learning to enjoy food again, not just eating for fuel.

IBS Treatment Plan

To support digestion we worked on:

  • Addressing meal timing, allowing time for digestion before bed
  • identifying triggers and working out how to minimise impact
  • ensuring all the relevant nutrients for immune health were in diet (e.g. vitamin A, E, antioxidants, fibre, zinc)
  • Supporting mental health with relevant nutrients

The gut-brain axis means our mood and feelings influence our digestion, and vice versa. Finding ways to bring calm into your day can be life changing.

This client managed to move from obsessing about calories and counting macros, to enjoying food again, and eating a varied diet. 

Anna Mapson, IBS Nutritionist

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