Use the low FODMAP diet to identify your IBS food triggers

Reduce bloating, loose stools and food fear with an IBS nutritionist


Mock up of a laptop, a tablet and a mobile phone all with handouts and presentations from the low FODMAP guide.

Here’s what you’ll get and how it will help you: 

  • Two tasty 7 day low FODMAP meal plans (including a vegetarian protein guide, and low FODMAP cheatsheet) so you know exactly what you can eat during the restriction phase and don’t get overwhelmed. 
  • A FODMAP reintroduction strategy (checklists, step by step process, monitoring assessment), so you can identify any food triggers for your IBS, and not get stuck on the diet.
  • Troubleshooting guide to stop you making common mistakes like FODMAP stacking, or messing up the reintroduction process. Don’t waste all your effort in this by not following the process properly. 

    PLUS – you’ll free up all that headspace currently spent on thoughts of whether you should be eliminating dairy, or should you really be eating cauliflower?  

    Work out your foods triggers in just 12 weeks

    Introducing ……..the
    Ultimate low FODMAP diet guide

    A self-study online guide to use this tried and tested IBS diet to reduce symptoms and identify your food triggers.

    By the end of the low FODMAP diet you be able to:

    • Follow the low FODMAP diet using a variety of tasty meals that are quick to prepare.
    • Reintroduce FODMAPs and understand how to avoid common mistakes
    • Eat a wider selection of foods than you do now
    • Enjoy eating out again with confidence 


    Anna Mapson, a white woman with short grey hair and quiff, wearing a lilac jumper with a black leopard print.

    Get your life back

    Hi, I’m Anna, a registered Nutritional Therapist with over 7 years of clinical experience working with people who have IBS and SIBO. 

    I’ve been working with people individually to improve their digestion for years and have helped hundreds of people with gut health issues. 

    You need the Ultimate low FODMAP diet in your life if you want to

    • Avoid making IBS mistakes that leave you in pain
    • Find a diet that works for you so you can enjoy your food again
    • Get access to IBS friendly meal ideas and diet advice so you spend less time researching IBS food and feel confident you are supporting your gut health

          Cost of Ultimate low FODMAP diet guide

          All this costs just £98

          You will have access to the materials for one year from purchase.


          What you get in the Ultimate low FODMAP diet guide

          Signing up to this course gives you

          • 5 explainer videos giving you the exact steps to follow (total 60 mins content)
          • 2x meal plan for the low FODMAP diet restriction phase


          • IBS Diet and Symptom tracker – to understand your baseline, and identify lifestyle patterns that can impact digestion.
          • Foods by FODMAP – showing you which foods are in which FODMAP category.
          • High FODMAP foods list – for quick reference to food to avoid
          • Low FODMAP fibre cheat sheet – to help feed a healthy gut during the restriction phase
          • Low FODMAP vegetarian protein guide – meet your protein targets without meat / fish
          • FODMAP Reintroduction schedule – the exact amounts of foods to bring back and how
          • Reintroduction assessment – how to assess each food reintroduction giving you clarity on your next steps.

            Who is the Ultimate low FODMAP diet guide for?

            This is for you if:

            • You’ve been told to follow the low FODMAP diet but you’re confused and don’t know what to eat.
            • Have been diagnosed with IBS but haven’t found a way to manage it
            • You’ve been to a doctor to get other conditions ruled out (e.g. coeliac disease, IBD)

            Who is the Ultimate low FODMAP diet guide NOT for?

            It’s not suitable for anyone with an eating disorder or history of eating disorder. The amount of restriction and food rules are difficult to manage.

            It’s not for anyone who hasn’t yet been to the doctors about their IBS. Please ensure you get checked out before you look at the low FODMAP diet.

            I’m not able to sell this to anyone in America or Canada I’m afraid.

            Mock up of a laptop, a tablet and a mobile phone all with handouts and presentations from the low FODMAP guide.