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Meet Jenny

  • Client’s main symptoms – constipation, haemorrhoids, abdominal pain 

From fear to freedom – how switching up your daily routine can have a powerful impact on frustrating and painful IBS symptoms.


For working mum Jenny, exploring her relationship with food, and empowering her to make time for herself, proved to be the perfect antidote to her long-standing constipation issues.

Struggling with painful constipation, Jenny felt frightened to leave the house every day for work. This was because she knew if she didn’t have a poo beforehand she might need to spend 15 minutes or more in the loo, which filled her with dread.

She felt so embarrassed that her co-workers would notice how long she was in the bathroom and how flustered she felt afterwards.

Like so many people struggling with IBS, Jenny had spent a lot of time researching digestive supplements. She was searching for something that would give great results and she’d  wasted hours googling her IBS symptoms. 

But she knew she needed to find a different way to get help.

Exploring the problem and setting a path for change


Working with me, Jenny could learn nutrition for IBS in her own time through handouts and videos on my Gut Reset portal. And our 1:1 calls gave her the support she needed with an easy-to-follow plan.

Talking about intimate symptoms like painful haemorrhoids can be cringey.

But when Jenny started sharing more with me about how much of a literal ‘pain in the butt’ it was for her, it became much easier to talk about. It definitely gets easier to talk about these things with practice!

Through our 1:1 sessions, it became clear that Jenny’s sleep and eating patterns directly impacted her constipation, something she hadn’t considered before.

With this revelation, Jenny could find the strength to create some boundaries with her family to meet her own needs. She bought the family meal earlier and created a bedtime that gave her more opportunity for sleep.  These simple steps enabled her to digest food better before bed and sleep feeling more rested.

Noticing what influences your choices gives you the power to make healthy changes.

Jenny came to understand how her childhood experience of being fed and eating at home had influenced her eating style now. She also noticed the knock on effect that had on her digestion.

She recognised her fast pace of eating, and desire to eat more than she needed, was driven by a history of restriction whilst growing up.

Through changing her diet and with a targeted supplement plan Jenny increased her bowel movements to a regular, daily, pain-free event.

She went from thinking about poo (or the lack of it) all day long, to ‘I don’t even think about it anymore, it just happens with no urgency, or pain.’

If you are stressing about needing to poo before work every day, give me a call to arrange a free chat about starting your Gut Reset.

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