Fibre Packed Bean Salad With Artichokes & Anchovies

Anna Mapson - Goodness Me Nutrition
Prep Time:10min.
You can omit the anchovies and add olives to make this vegetarian and vegan. Perfect for taking to work for a spring day, or eating with the beans still warm at home.


100g green beans
150g haricot beans
100g cherry tomatoes
100g artichokes (pre-cooked from a jar)
10g anchovies (1/3 of a small tin)


Chop and boil green beans
Assemble rest of ingredients
Drain and add beans once cooked

Why I like this meal

This is a super quick lunch which only requires a bit of chopping and boiling the beans.

Fibre packed bean salad

Did you know artichokes are a prebiotic? This means they contain a special kind of fibre favoured by our gut microbes. Your beneficial gut bacteria will love the arrival of this meal into your digestive system. 

With 20g of fibre in each portion of this salad you’ll be providing your gut microbes with a feast.

If you don’t have a strong set of gut bacteria, or you’re not used to eating high fibre meals, then this meal could also cause a bit of gas! If you don’t normally eat artichokes or beans then perhaps go easy on these ingredients to begin. 

I’d love to know if you’ve given this a go, let me know how you got on – info@goodnessme-nutrition.com