Recent research has highlighted diets high in fat can alter the composition of microbes in the gut in a negative manner. In a study this year researchers tracked a group of 217 people split into 3 where they ate 20%, 30% or 40% of their calories from fat over 6 months. The levels of protein and fibre stayed the same in all groups.

The group with lowest levels of fat had an increase in short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) which are beneficial for gut health, and the group with the most fat had decreases in microbes which produce the SCFA.

Short Chain Fatty Acids are important for our gut health because they provide fuel for the colon cells and help to reduce inflammation. 

This doesn’t mean we don’t need any fats in our diet, we really do need healthy fats, but those people who major on high fats and promote the low carb way of living might want to think about their long term gut health. 

The microbes don’t appear to thrive in a high fat diet, even if fibre is still present. A high fat diet can also contribute to a leaky gut by opening the gap between the intestinal cells to allow toxins from bacteria into the body. 

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