Recent research has uncovered interesting findings linking gut health and fibromyalgia.

What is fibromyalgia?

This common but poorly understood condition is a collection of symptoms.

You might have a burning or sensitive painful feeling in various locations around the body, often accompanied by digestive issues like IBS, brain fog, trouble sleeping, allergies, headaches or flu-like symptoms.

It can be different for each individual. Some people have constant symptoms and pain, for others it can come and go.

We don’t yet know what causes fibromyalgia. There is increasing evidence it can often be linked to a trauma like an accident, traumatic emotional event, or virus. People with fibromyalgia also commonly experience poor sleep, and nervous system disruption.

Both of these factors make us feel more pain.


Fibromyalgia & Gut Health – The connection


A recent study showed a link between gut bacteria as well.

This study was on humans looking at differences in stool bacteria between people diagnosed with fibromyalgia and controls who didn’t have it.

The gut microbiome of fibromyalgia patients showed significant differences when compared to that of controls.

And pain levels were correlated to increases and decreases in certain microbes. 

It’s not clear if the bacteria are causing the increased pain levels, or they are present because of the biological changes that pain causes. But we do know there are changes in the digestive system which may be important.

Although we don’t know all the mechanisms and interplays in the gut yet, there is definitely an opportunity to work with the digestive health of anyone with fibromyalgia.

Not least because it normally comes with digestive symptoms too.

If you know someone who might need support with improving gut health please get in touch to discuss how a nutrition plan will support you. 


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