Eggs are an amazing powerhouse of goodness – you can snack on a boiled egg, or add them to pancakes or omelettes.Superfoods - Eggs

There are so many benefits to eating eggs, they are rich in protein, selenium and contain some vitamin D, B12 and B6. Choose organic if you can, or at least free range to ensure the hen has had good access to daylight, and space to move around which ensures better quality of nutrients in the egg, and is of course better for the hen!

Eggs For Eggs – Fertility

Eggs are also a good source of choline which is important for fertility, and during pregnancy helps to build a baby’s brain.

Choline also supports the liver clear toxins out of the body, as well as supporting nervous system health. Along with folate, vitamins B6 and B12, choline is essential for methylation, which helps us build and repair DNA.


Do Eggs Cause High Cholesterol?

Some recent large-scale diet studies have shown people who eat 1-6 eggs a week had no increased risk of either heart attack or stroke. And actually eating this amount of eggs helped to improve the function of the ‘good’ cholesterol HDL. Increased egg intake improved the composition of HDL molecules which allowed them to function more effectively, and increased the amount of HDL. So you don’t need to worry about eating eggs and ‘causing’ high cholesterol.

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