Make potato salad part of your summer picnics and BBQs because cold cooked potatoes are good for our gut health.

Gut microbes love cold potatoes

Cold cooked potatoes are great for your gut health because they contain resistant starch which help feed the beneficial bacteria.

Once cooled the sugars in the potatoes become resistant to human digestion, but they travel through the gut to feed the microbes. Resistant starch is sometimes called a prebiotic, which means it feeds the bugs.

The good bacteria is our gut use this kind of starch to make beneficial molecules for our health, called Short Chain Fatty Acids. These SCFAs are anti-inflammatory, and support colon cell health.

Resistant starch is slowly fermented

If your digestion gets upset with high FODMAP foods (which quickly ferment in the gut) then try foods with higher resistant starch content. Cold pasta and rice work the same way.


Cold potatoes don’t spike blood sugar levels

The sugars in cold cooked potatoes will release much more slowly than when they are hot. This helps if you’re trying to manage your blood sugars, for example if you are pre-diabetic.

So using up your excess potatoes is great for avoiding food waste, better for your blood sugar, and tasty for your gut microbes.

Cold potatoes really are good for our gut health!

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