High Protein Vegan Diet Plan – 3 Day eBook


Nail your high protein vegan diet with this easy to use eBook. I’ve put together some easy recipes that will help you meet your protein targets without stressing or Googling all day long.

You will get:

  • Three day menu of plant based high protein meals (9 meals)
  • Shopping list (itemised and sectioned by supermarket area)
  • Protein tips and ideas for best vegan protein foods
  • Calculations to work out how much protein you need

You can be confident the meals are healthy, and provide you with a range of essential nutrients.

High Protein Vegan Diet eBook

Whether you're trying out Veganuary for the first time, or you've been on a plant based diet for ages, you have probably thought about how to increase your plant based protein.

  • Want to know how to calculate how much protein you need?
  • Which foods should you eat more of to hit your targets?
  • Tired of searching the internet looking for meals to give you enough protein?

This guide and recipe collection will help you eat a plant based diet with enough protein to keep up your energy.  Each day includes 94g of protein from plant based sources, using real food.

"Thank you, these look fab!" - Natalie

"This is soooo helpful thank you Anna" - Heather